Barbara Holland Business Development Director

Barbara Holland
Business Development Director

Barbara Holland is a bit of a renaissance woman. She sews, loves the Pittsburgh Steelers, attends concerts, enjoys traveling, and, in her words, “a be in the lab kind of girl.” As Pii’s Business Development Director, Barbara works closely with her customers.

Barbara had every intention of retiring in January 2020 from her role as Director of Project Management at Quotient Sciences, but wound up staying until May 2021. Then, in February 2022, she received a call from Susan Wiggins, Pii’s Director of Business Development-Marketing, asking if she could do some marketing for the company. “I started a week later, so I was retired for all of nine months,” says Barbara. “And in just the short time at Pii, the job morphed into business development.”

This is not the first time friends Susan and Barbara are working together; they both worked at Pii several years ago. In fact, Barbara worked at Pii for twelve years, serving in a variety of roles: business development manager, account manager, and project manager/senior project anager. She left Pii in 2014 to work at Formex LLC as director of business development and then back to project management at Quotient Sciences.

But coming out of retirement will not stop Barbara from doing all the things she loves to do. As of this writing, she had just attended two concerts – Little River Band and Trace Adkins. She will cruise later this year to Boston, Bar Harbor, Portsmouth, and Nova Scotia. In the last few years,  she was able to combine her love of music with cruising: she and her husband went on the ’70s Rock & Romance Cruise and are also planning for next year’s cruise.

“Our motto is: We work hard, we play hard,” said Barbara.

And they do enjoy watching their favorite football teams play hard. Having grown up in Western Pennsylvania, Barbara is a lifelong Steelers fan and her husband is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan. They have made it a point to attend one game each per year. And in her spare time, Barbara and her daughter have a custom embroidery business, Sew Thoughtful Designs, where they make and sell children’s items including bibs, ponchos and customized blankets and animals.

From sewing to science, Barbara is not easily deterred. “I went to college in the 1970s when women didn’t go into science and I was the often only woman in my college classes,” she recalls. “My parents never told me you can’t do that because you’re a woman.”

She proudly holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her first job after graduation was at a coal gasification plant in Western Pennsylvania and eventually moved to Baltimore to work in an environmental lab as a chemist performing metals analysis. She liked working in the lab, but in the late 1990s, she began working in account management and fell in love with the project management end of things, which lead to account and business management. “And I still love it,” she says. “Although, some days I think it would be easier to run an ICP in the lab.”

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