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Pii Aseptic Manufacturing eBook

A Complete Guide to Aseptic Manufacturing eBook

Pii has released the first in a series of e-books about Aseptic Manufacturing, covering Aseptic Techniques and Sterilization Procedures.
You will learn how to:

  • Overcome the challenges of a fill/finish tech transfer
  • Integrate robotics into your fill/finish
  • Select alternative primary packing options
  • Implement protocols for aseptic procedures and sterilization techniques
  • Choose the right CDMO partner for your aseptic manufacturing needs

AND get the answers to your FAQs about parenteral production, lyophilization, aseptic procedures, sterilization processes, sterilization techniques and cGMP practices.

pii parenteral drug delivery market

The Parenteral Drug Delivery Market eBook

Pii is proud to offer its second Aseptic e-book with exclusive insight into the significant trends impacting Parenteral Drug Formulation and Manufacturing.

This follow-up report focuses on:

  • Better understanding the characteristics of a parenteral drug
  • Parenteral drug formulation and manufacturing keynotes
  • Scale-up of parenteral drugs
  • Primary packaging options
  • Targeted treatments

Parenteral drugs are now accounting for almost half of all approved new molecular entities, due in large part to the role they play in treating chronic diseases as well as a rise in self-administration.


Pii Lyophilization eBook

Lyophilization Trends in Pharma & Biopharma Drug Development eBook

Find out what is driving the lyo market and how working with a CDMO will save time and money and help you comply with increasing regulatory requirements.

In this exclusive Lyophilization e-book from Pii, you will learn how to:

  • Achieve finished product lyophilization with limited API
  • Ensure agile scale up
  • Develop an Effective and Optimized Lyophilization Cycle
  • Navigate Regulatory Demands
  • Realize Quality Outcomes
  • Overcome Stability Challenges
  • Save Time and Costs
  • Test and Select the Best Closure
  • Determine Your Overall Lyophilization Needs
Oral Dosage Drug Ebook Cover

The Oral Dosage Drug Delivery Market eBook

As with every drug in development, there are many considerations. During the formulation process it is important to look at the substances involved, how and when to distribute the drug to the patient, total dose required, and how the patient will take the drug.

For orally administered drugs, three of the key considerations are solubility, bioavailability, and lipophilicity. These three factors affect the drug formulation, manufacturing, and the intended effect on various levels. It is important to understand how these factors are applied throughout the formulation development and clinical evaluation of an orally administered drug.

  • Solubility
  • Bioavailability
  • Lipophilicity
Pii Bioavailability eBook

A Guide to Bioavailability Enhancement eBook

While the most popular route of drug administration, oral drug delivery is plagued by bioavailability issues. The greater the bioavailability of a molecule, the more promising the drug compound. The pharma industry continues to adopt advanced technologies and methods for improving bioavailability, yet 40% of new chemical entities face formulation and development difficulties due in part to bioavailability.

In this exclusive Bioavailability Enhancement Guide from Pii, you will learn to:

  • Assess bioavailability
  • Improve small-molecule bioavailability
  • Manipulate a drug’s physical form
  • Determine bioavailability in patient populations
  • Choose the best chemical technology for enhancement