5 The Pii Formula, Parenteral Drug, February 24

5 The Pii Formula, Parenteral Drug, February 24

Pii Formula

This is the first 2024 edition of The Formula. This month, we are proud to present you with the innovations in parenteral delivery. You will learn how a solid foundation of skilled professionals and quality systems derisks parenteral drug manufacturing. And, hear from the secrets from a renowned scientist for problem solving parenteral drug formulations. Finally, you will gain exclusive insight about advancements in targeted parenteral delivery for treating cancer. Remember, we want your questions and feedback sent to urana@pharm-int.com.

Main Feature: Complex Parenteral Drug Manufacturing — A Foundation for Success

Developing and manufacturing complex parenteral drugs requires a great deal of skill, first-hand knowledge, and attention to detail. When adding the complexities of a highly potent compound, an aseptic environment, small amounts of API, or a combination product of a drug in a medical device, risks increase and so does the need for skill and knowledge to assure success. Read here

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CDMO Insights: Parenteral Drug Manufacturing – Innovation Begins with a Problem

Developing manufacturing processes for complex parenteral drug formulations often presents some of the most challenging problems pharmaceutical scientists and engineers face and can lead to the most interesting innovative solutions. Learn how effectively employing the three problem-solving essentials — experience, reasoning, creativity — can be the catalyst for success.

Therapeutic Focus: Precise, Targeted, and Controlled Release of Parenteral Cancer Treatments

Of the $531.8 billion global parenteral drug sector, oncology represents almost 13% of that market. Since the inception of the National Cancer Act, there have been significant advancements in how cancer is detected, treated, and cured. This article describes one of the most promising: targeted therapy to control drug dosing.

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Cindy H. Dubin, editor of The Formula

Cindy H. Dubin is an award-winning journalist who has been reporting on the bio/pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. Her published work includes formulation development, manufacturing, drug delivery, QA/QC, cell and gene therapy, and more.

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