Project Management

We pride ourselves on not just managing a project, but being your development partner. Our team works closely with you to quickly progress your product and to minimize your time involved, all while maintaining high-quality results.


project lifecycle

Project Lifecycle

The Pii team works closely with our partners to minimize their time commitment while maintaining the high quality of their product. Our three-steps during a project lifecycle emulate how we operate throughout a partnership:


  1. Project timelines.
    This involves creating and managing project timelines to deliver project milestones on time and on budget.
  2. Communication and Coordination.
    Pii believes in continuous communication and project coordination between clients and customer teams to ensure a seamless exchange and tracking of information and progress.
  3. Successful project completion.
    We maintain focus on key project milestones and deliverables at every stage of the lifecycle process until a project is successfully completed.

Pii prides itself on:

  • Experience with managing diverse project tasks
  • Working closely with customers to minimize their time involvement for support during development, transfer, validation, and commercial supply of product
  • Establishing priorities for Pii teams and managing inventory and resources for on-time delivery of the product to market

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