The Art and Science of Tech Transfer

We recognize that art is the natural expression of scientific knowledge and at Pii we are impassioned by the art and science of pharmaceutical development.


Regardless of where your promising drug product is in the development process, our experienced team at Pii will seamlessly transfer the results of your efforts into our hands and quickly get to work advancing it to the next phase.

Reduce Risks, Increase Efficiency, & Deliver Reliability

Tech transfer is often viewed as a complex process fraught with risk and the potential for something to go wrong. We believe that tech transfer done expertly is an opportunity to deliver better results to our customers and ultimately patients.

Whether you have an early concept project or are looking to scale the manufacturing of your drug product, we approach each project seeking improvement: increased efficiency, lower costs, improved processes, better validation procedures, and more robust quality systems.

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Hear From Our Team of Experts

Sundeep Sethia

“Moving the development and manufacturing of a drug product to a different facility is done for many reasons, no two tech transfers are the same. Perhaps a customer is adding more security to their supply chain due to the risks posed by the current pandemic or a service provider is unable to help you achieve your goals. We use a disciplined approach with robust quality systems and an understanding of the most current regulatory requirements for a successful transfer of your product.”

Brian Braxton

“Experience tells us that for injectable drugs, scaling batch-size alone is not often a problem. If you are having trouble, it is often associated with the scientific relationships between your formulation, process, and equipment. Those relationships are the things we examine during tech transfer, we make the adjustments, and quickly begin successful scaled-up manufacturing.”

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