Enhanced Services

Patients deserve perfection. Whether you are developing a new drug formulation or transferring your current production, there is no room for error. Our integrated team makes sure that our partners receive high quality service - bringing products to the market faster.


Pii's experts have decades of experience bringing new and current drugs into the marketplace. We make sure our production is efficient and effective, allowing us to bring life changing products to patients faster. Our regulatory support and quality assurance teams make sure that your product gets to the market as quickly as possible.

Pii quality control

At Pii, quality is at the core of everything we do. The “c” in GMP is a constantly moving target. Because regulatory agencies and industry standards continue to evolve, we focus on exceeding “current” GMP guidelines. At Pii, we are never satisfied with where we are today but focused on meeting tomorrow’s compliance expectations.

Pii project management team

Our team works closely with our partners to minimize their time commitment while maintaining the high quality of your product. Our three steps during a project lifecycle emulate how we operate throughout a partnership.