The Art and Science of Lyophilization

If you are challenged with a promising formulation that is presenting stability problems, freeze drying may be the solution. Pii can help you!


Developing an effective lyophilization cycle is both art and science. Our skilled, experienced team of professionals, using Millrock lyophilization technology, provide critical synergies between the development lab and manufacturing line, ensuring your outcomes are met with the highest quality and always on time.

Lyophilization Cycle Development and Optimization

  • An accomplished team to develop your lyophilization cycle technology-driven transfer from lab through production
  • Flexible development-scale lyophilization technology suitable for a range of batch sizes
  • Customized process evaluation capabilities for a variety of applications including developing analytical methods, manufacturing toxicology supplies, and stability testing
  • Integrated software features provide process control and monitoring which enable real-time analysis and optimization
  • Unparalleled ability to understand thermal events during the freezing and primary drying for continuous process protocol improvement and transfer
  • From concept to commercial for small volume products ranging from 2ml to 50ml vials
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The Art and Science of an Effective Lyophilization Cycle.

Small-batch, flexible aseptic filling & closing

Skilled, experienced professionals powered by smart technology—Pii has the lyophilization expertise. Learn more about our capabilities and how we can serve your lyophilization project.


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