1 The Pii Formula, bioavailability, June 23

1 The Pii Formula, Bioavailability, June 23

Pii Formula

We are happy to bring you the return of The Formula, a bi-monthly digital publication that takes a deep dive into the challenges of formulating and developing bio/pharmaceuticals. The Formula offers practical and innovative strategies to these hurdles through feature articles, CDMO insight, and case studies.

This edition of The Formula shines a spotlight on bioavailability and some of the chemical enhancers on the market. Also, find out how a CDMO can reduce failures and costs by focusing on an API’s physicochemical properties along with its pharmacokinetics. We also show you how a SEDDS approach resulted in a 10-fold increase in solubility and 100-fold increase in bioavailability for a particularly difficult hydrophobic compound.

We hope you enjoy The Formula, and thank you for welcoming us back to your inbox. And we look forward to receiving your questions and feedback at pdupont@pharm-int.com

Main Feature: Chemical Technologies for Bioavailability Enhancement

Lipids and inclusion-complexes can have complementary roles. And while they fulfill similar functions, it is their structural differences that make them suitable for achieving distinct tasks. In pharmaceutical technology, lipids and inclusion-based complexes are considered pillar excipients for fabricating most dosage forms, irrespective of the administration route. Read Here how they play various roles ranging from support vehicles to release rate modifiers, stabilizers, solubilizers, permeation enhancers, and bioavailability enhancement.
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CDMO Insights: Overcoming Bioavailability Challenges In Oral Formulation Development

With nearly 90 percent of the developmental pipeline drugs consisting of poorly soluble molecules, formulation experts must be prepared to address this obstacle by applying various approaches to improve an API’s pharmacokinetics. The development process needs to be focused on improving the rate of dissolution and maintaining the supersaturated solubility state at the site of absorption. If it is not, Learn How this can lead to delays in development or even clinical trial failures.
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Project Feature: How SEDDS Optimized the Formulation of a Hydrophobic Compound

Pii sought to improve the solubility of a BCS-IV drug for one of its clients and wound up increasing the compound's bioavailability 100-fold. Find Out How!


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Cindy H. Dubin, editor of The Formula

Cindy H. Dubin is an award-winning journalist who has been reporting on the bio/pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. Her published work includes formulation development, manufacturing, drug delivery, QA/QC, cell and gene therapy, and more.


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