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Aseptic Filling

GENiSYS® R a Game Changing Solution for Small Batch Aseptic Filling Applications

Small batch filling & closing machine

Sterile products processed in strict accordance with cGMP requirements

Process all ready-to-use nested, vial, syringe and cartridge formats for clinical and small batch commercial applications

  • Vial filling, closing and sealing

  • Syringe filling and closing

  • Cartridge filling and closing

  • Lyo or Lyophilizer integration

Maximize Product Yield

Eliminating waste is key to successful small batch processing.  Necessary operations such as pump calibration, in-process fill weight checks and residual product hold-up in the fluid path all contribute to product rejects.  The GENiSYS® R’s in-process control system allows for 100% fill weight inspection with minimal reduction in processing speeds to minimize or even eliminate improperly filled containers and minimize product hold-up at the end of the batch – resulting in maximize product yield.  In addition, the Electronic Batch Record (EBR) system provides a complete record of the dispensed material.



  • Small to medium batch production of commercial and clinical materials

  • Biologics, proteins and potent products

  • Multi-product aseptic filling facilities

  • Personalized medicine

  • Pilot scale cGMP manufacturing

Small batch, flexible
Aseptic filling & closing