Pii's Response and Operating Plan for COVID-19

COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge to the global healthcare and life sciences industries. Our focus is on employee and customer safety, as well as, reliable supply to patients.


Effective as of May 1, 2020

Pii is currently in discussion with several existing and prospective customers to support their product development initiatives related to COVID-19, including anti-viral therapeutics and vaccines. Thus far, the COVID-19 crisis has not impacted Pii’s regular operations, as the company has become adept at working in an increasingly “self-monitored” environment, which the Pii Community has adopted rigorously.

At Pii we are grateful for the continued efforts and dedication of our employees to ensure uninterrupted medicines are supplied to our customers and patients. From the beginning, Pii has been declared an essential business by the local government where we operate, allowing us to sustain full operation and employment for our teams. Our employees have worked diligently to assure continuity of supply and that all R&D projects stay on track. We thank you for your continued partnership and confidence in us.

Pii Success Model

Our model to manage the current crisis successfully is driven by a five-pronged approach. It starts with our leadership commitment and having a working task force. The safety of our Pii Community is our number one priority. To help ensure the safety of our employees and partners and to protect supply to patients, we have taken extensive actions, in line with guidelines issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and local authorities where we operate. The guidelines, policies and practices implemented include re-emphasizing good hygiene practices, severely restricting visitor access to our sites, reorganizing our workflows where permitted to maximize social distancing, limiting employees to only business-critical travel (where permitted by local government policy), facilitating safer alternatives for travel to and from work, and, wherever possible, employing remote-working strategies.

As part of our business impact analysis process, we continue to survey deep into our supply chain and have not identified any significant risk, delay, or concern that may have a substantial effect on delivery of any product or clinical trial supplies. Our operations, procurement, business development and project management professionals are dedicated to maintaining business as usual and to ensure any potential delays are mitigated.

We wish to express our sincerest thanks and gratitude to our Pii Community, partners and customers for your continued trust, collaboration and support.