Eric Coutinho Manager, Research and Development

Eric Coutinho
Research and Development Manager

Eric CoutinhoEric Coutinho knew he wanted to be in scientific technology and research since he was in 8th grade, growing up in Mumbai, India. In the same pursuit, he got his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from University of Bombay and took his first opportunity to work for the biggest Softgel manufacturer in Asia at that time, where he worked for six years. In 2004, his would-be future wife came across an advertisement in an Indian newspaper for a Softgel Specialist position at a US Company (Pii), at which time there were very few people familiar with the technology.

Eric joined Pii as a Softgel Chemist and quickly moved into Research & Development. While at Pii, Mr. Coutinho earned his Master of Science in Engineering Management from University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). He also earned his certificate in Biochemical Regulatory Engineering from UMBC. These degrees easily translated to his work at Pii, both from a scientific and management perspective. Overseeing a team of scientists, he developed formulation processes from small scale to clinical and commercial scale for softgel capsules, hard gel capsules, oral solutions, suspensions, powder for reconstitution, and inclusion complex formulations, as well supporting sterile fill/finish projects. Additionally, he lead and oversaw Pii’s first Nanosuspension and Suppository projects, the former has a patent pending.

Like developing a formulation takes time and patience, so does cooking an exotic recipe, which is Mr. Coutinho’s hobby, like cooking a Biryani which is his favorite and most liked among family and friends. He also loves baking cup cakes with his two kids who are 7 and 4. He and his wife maintain a website ( that features some of their regular as well as traditional recipes.

Whether making a recipe or a formulation, Mr. Coutinho’s motive is the same: Help people live their healthiest life possible. And, he says, that while formulating drugs is challenging, nothing is impossible.

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