Michelle Ava, Sales & Digital Marketing Systems Administrator

Michelle Ava
Sales and Digital Marketing Systems Administrator

Michelle AvaMichelle Ava is the Sales and Digital Marketing Systems Administrator as a Pii ambassador at Pharmaceutics International (Pii), and her role here is anything but simple. She wears many hats, as she connects sales, marketing, and operations through one agile technology system. She has dedicated her career to using data to simplify organizational processes and make everyone’s jobs easier and more efficient.

With a system of her own design, she mines data for relevant information that is turned into reliable, actionable information to support executive team decision-making. Her ability to integrate the needs of our business, customers and investors in a single easy-to-use technology platform is invaluable. Additionally, her insights, when shared across the key functional areas of the company, drives purposeful focus and a deeper level of engagement which delivers better results for our customers, and the patients who will be using the drug products we help our clients develop and manufacture.

While technology and data are her primary tools, Michelle is most interested in people. After all, what use is technology if it can’t be utilized by the people who need it. Michelle can often be found meeting with departments and individuals to build, implement, and evolve our processes through a single streamlined and optimized technology system. So many companies struggle to integrate siloed teams and departments. At Pii, Michelle has built a system in which each department can communicate and collaborate, making a more positive experience for our team, prospects, and customers.

About Michelle Ava

Michelle’s childhood had a significant impact on how she approaches her role at Pii. A child of missionaries living in the Congo, formerly Zaire, Michelle grew up helping her parents provide essential resources and medical care to the local communities. Her mother taught cooking, nutrition, and sewing to Congolese women. She also provided vaccinations and medical exams to children in remote villages where childhood death rates were high. Michelle’s father studied agriculture and veterinary science in order to solve complex infrastructure problems, such as water access, building hospitals, and meeting the needs of local communities. He once used his veterinary knowledge to repair a man’s Achilles tendon which enabled the man to walk after a significant injury. It was in the Congo that Michelle learned how her life’s work could and should contribute to the greater good. She also learned how being creative and flexible can solve problems, even with limited resources.

As a college student, Michelle moved to the United States for where she studied French and Art, two of her passions. Having grown-up in the austere conditions of the African continent, she arrived in the United States without a full understanding of the opportunities available. She admits that she struggled a bit adjusting to the societal expectations and seemingly trivial aspects of life in the United States, compared to the bare essentials and survivalist mindset she was accustomed to in the Congo. It wasn’t until her first job in Corporate Audit for Citicorp, where she identified potentials for fraud at credit card centers, that she began to connect how data can be used to benefit people.

Building a Streamlined Process at Pii

Michelle joined Pii in 2016 and has been a key proponent in creating systems that allow the Pii team to do our jobs more efficiently, easily, and accurately. While processes are Michelle’s domain, she is passionate about building data and technology systems that work for people. She loves to look at an organization’s processes and ask, “How can we make this more efficient? How can we simplify things and make it easier for everyone to do their jobs?” These are the conversations she has with various departments at Pii to create an agile technology system that integrates sales, marketing, and operations in a seamlessly efficient process that benefits our team members and our customers.

When Michelle’s out of the office, she enjoys travelling the world from her kitchen, cooking a wide variety of international cuisines. She still enjoys art, but prefers functional art over fine art, and appreciates sewing or painting that has a purpose. Michelle is married to a wonderful man from Cameroon with two adult daughters, both of whom have followed in Michelle’s functionally artistic footsteps working in art, game development, and app design. 

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