Sam Chia Director, Aseptic Operations and Aseptic Plant Manager

Sam Chia
Director, Aseptic Operations and Aseptic Plant Manager

Sam Chia

Despite his title, Sam Chia passionately states that his role is most importantly about people—the professionals he works with at Pii and the patients who rely on the drug therapies they develop and manufacture.

Pii’s Maryland-based contract development and manufacturing campus is a long way from Sam’s native home in Cameroon, a journey that took him to England studying biochemistry at Paddington College in 1985, to France, and then to the United States.

In his role at Pii, Sam is responsible for the sterile injectables facility that includes four manufacturing suites, which also houses key research and development, quality control, microbiology, and engineering support.

Sam’s inspiration at an early age was Dr. Kennth Jones, a medical doctor and missionary who worked in Cameroon treating those with malaria, tuberculosis, and leprosy. Sam saw the pain firsthand that these rare tropical diseases cause, especially how those suffering with leprosy were forced to live isolated lives away from their families due to a lack of understanding of the disease. Through Dr. Jones’ example and Sam’s natural love of science, he knew his life’s purpose was to help reduce suffering with better medical treatment and care.

Sam also credits the founder of Pii, Dr. Syed E. Abidi with helping him understand that drug development and manufacturing is about people. Sam places a high value on developing the professionals on his team by ensuring they have the resources and training to confidently achieve success on their projects. He is also with them during the most difficult times with encouragement and reminding them that challenges will help them grow and become better.

Sam doesn’t mind talking about how a former employer was forced to close their facilities after a series of FDA warning letters related to quality issues. While Sam wasn’t personally involved, he did see the negative impact on his colleagues. It reminded him of something his father, another inspiring figure in his life, taught him about discipline and self-control—"never view yourself as too big to fail, always work at being better.”

Sam’s passions are not only used for drug development and manufacturing, he is also a pastor at Omega Gospel Mission where he ministers to the spiritual development of others. His church also supports a number of medical missions in several countries in Africa including Cameroon, Togo , Benin , South Africa and Zambia. While Sam has traveled far from his home, he hasn’t forgotten where it all began.

If you are interested in speaking with Sam about your aseptic development or manufacturing project, contact us at the link below.

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