Agile, Cost Effective Lyophilization Cycle Development

Agile, Cost Effective Lyophilization Cycle Development

PRESS RELEASE Hunt Valley, MD (February 1, 2021) Pharmaceutics International, Inc. (Pii) delivers agile, cost-effective lyophilization services to accelerate the development of complex drug candidates that present stability challenges.

Stability is an inherent challenge in the early stages of development for both solid and liquid pharmaceutical ingredients, lyophilization may be the answer needed to complete formulation development and advance your candidate to phase 1. However, lyophilization can be expensive and time-consuming.

Pii’s lyophilization capabilities deliver cost-effectiveness, agility, and superb data-capture and your lyophilization cycle development will be done by experienced, skilled research and development scientists.

Pii Brian Braxton

Pii uses two state-of-the-art lyophilizers, the Millrock REVO PRO® and the larger-capacity GMP Millrock® Lyophilizer, supporting vial sizes from 2R to 50R. This capability permits minimum amounts of costly API during R&D as a cost-effective risk mitigation step but also establishes the conditions for agile scaling for larger development & commercial batches.

Dr. Bryan Braxton, Senior Director of Aseptic Research and Development, and his team of experts stand ready to assist you. Contact them to explore solutions that would be right for you. 

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