Pharmaceutics International, Inc. Announces $100,000 Grant for a First-in-Human Project – July 2020

Pharmaceutics International, Inc. Announces $100,000 Grant for a First-in-Human Project

PRESS RELEASE Hunt Valley, MD (July 14, 2020) Pharmaceutics International, Inc. (Pii) is offering a $100,000 grant for a promising early-stage drug therapy.

An emerging drug therapy that meets Pii’s requirements could be eligible for a $100,000 credit applied to work performed by Pii at its Hunt Valley, MD campus. That means Pii will deduct $100,000 from the cost of their work.

At Pii, we understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced change upon us in ways that have upset many of our plans. According to a survey of biotech companies by Biocentury and investment management firm Sanford C. Bernstein, most emerging biopharma companies do not have the required funding on hand to advance their therapeutic projects. Many plan to scale back their plans, reducing their valuations.

The reality is that these development pipelines aren’t simply projects. Lack of funding doesn’t just end the life of a project. Each of these projects represents a therapy in development, a promising treatment, or even a cure, for a group of patients suffering from a disease or illness. For these patients, lack of funding represents lost hope.

At Pii, we decided to do something about it and that’s why we are introducing this grant.

If you are an organization with an early-stage drug therapy showing promise, but you are facing a funding gap and need help in getting it to Phase I, we invite you to visit our application page at the link below. The deadline for applications is August 31st, 2020 and the grant will be awarded to one promising drug-therapy candidate on September 18th, 2020.

Our capabilities can support:

  • Biologics and Vaccine fill-finish for Clinical Trial Manufacturing (CTM), as well as, formulation & process development.
  • Projects for COVID-19 treatments and vaccines in clinical development.
  • New Chemical Entities (NCE) and New Biological Entities (NBE) requiring formulation and process development, as well as, CTM.
  • Clinical Trial Supplies for small molecules, biologics and vaccines.

At Pharmaceutics International, Inc. (Pii), our motto is “challenges frame opportunities.” We are a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with a passion for problem-solving. Emphasizing collaboration, our experts complete projects on time with the highest quality standards, all from our Hunt Valley, Maryland campus.

Pii’s campus includes four GMP and FDA inspected facilities, 70 manufacturing suites with all the necessary analytical testing capabilities on site, and four integrated aseptic filling suites delivering quality, safety, and efficiency. Experienced with small and large molecule compounds, we have special expertise in developing and manufacturing complex parenteral products, extended-release formulations, and non-aqueous injectable drug products. We can also overcome stability challenges with precision lyophilization cycle development and production.

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