The Pii Community

United We Stand

United We Stand

At Pharmaceutics International Inc., (Pii), we denounce the recent brutal tragedies in Minneapolis and in every city town, and crossroad in our country. At Pii, we stand united with people of every race and gender and, proudly re-iterate our unwavering commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, Equality & Justice, all of which are at the heart of our Pii Community and our Core Values. United We Stand!

The senseless and tragic death of George Floyd has caused immense pain to his family, friends, and community. It has raised our collective anxiety to unprecedented levels across our nation. In these times of great pain and uncertainty of The New Normal, it is vital that we continue to educate ourselves and each other and be accountable to ensure that all voices are heard. We can, and will do better as a community across the nation. United We Stand!

We are yet to come out of COVID-19 pandemic crisis and must steadfastly overcome this additional challenge that we have in front of all of us. In these times of great pain, anxiety, and uncertainty, it is important that we learn from our past and do the hard work to create a bright and vibrant future. United We Stand!

We at Pii will continue to put forth every effort to ensure Diversity, Inclusion, Equality & Justice, in our Pii Community. We continue to actively engage people from all backgrounds and truly listen to the orchestrated harmony of every voice in the unending pursuit of diversity and inclusion.

United We Stand!

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