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Stay tuned! A viable first-in-human therapeutic candidate, will be awarded the $100,000 Grant for First-in-Human Project.

Pii is currently reviewing the applications for our $100,000 Grant for a First-in-Human Project

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in unexpected ways. We shop differently, eat at restaurants less, and have limited our travel. Businesses have been impacted significantly with leadership learning how to effectively manage a distributed workforce. Business leaders are also re-thinking their strategies and adjusting their plans and expectations.

The pharmaceutical industry appears to be experiencing a shift in resources to more urgent, immediate needs related to the pandemic, leaving emerging biotech companies short on resources to even get through the remainder of the year. As much as 90% of you are scaling back your plans and reducing your valuations.

At Pii we know that your scaled back projects are more than projects. They are promising therapies and somewhere a patient has planned for your success. That is the reason for this grant!

Pii’s scientific team is currently reviewing grant applications. Applications are no longer being accepted. The grant will be awarded to one drug-therapy candidate on September 18th, 2020.

Our capabilities can support:

  • Biologics and Vaccine fill-finish for Clinical Trial Manufacturing (CTM), as well as, formulation & process development.
  • Projects for COVID-19 treatments and vaccines in clinical development.
  • New Chemical Entities (NCE) and New Biological Entities (NBE) requiring formulation and process development, as well as, CTM.
  • Clinical Trial Supplies for small molecules, biologics and vaccines.

The grant will be awarded September 18th, 2020. Stay Tuned!