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Thomas Ingallinera, R.Ph., Ph.D.
Vice President
Business Development Technical Support


Thomas S. Ingallinera, R.Ph., Ph.D. is the Vice President of Business Development-Technical Support for Pharmaceutics International, Inc. in Hunt Valley Maryland. He is the technical liaison between the business development group, project management and operations. Tom has over 40 years of experience in pharmaceutical development with a focus on parenteral dosage forms. He has developed products in many different dosage forms from early development to commercialization. He has worked at a number of companies including BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Parenta Pharmaceuticals, AAI Pharma, Genzyme, Burroughs Welcome, and A.H. Robins. He has developed numerous extended‐release injectables for both small molecules and proteins. Dr. Ingallinera has a B.S. in Pharmacy with a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from Virginia Commonwealth University.