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Proven expertise in co-crystal screening, development and scale-up.

Optimizing the physical properties of an API is a critical step in the development of a drug candidate. Combining an API with a pharmaceutically acceptable agent through co-crystallization has become an increasingly attractive route for developing pharmaceutical products. The application of co-crystal technologies has only recently been recognized as a way to:

  • Enhance solubility and bioavailability
  • Creation of new, more stable, and patentable solid forms
  • Enable control over physical properties of the drug

Unlike salt formation, co-crystallization does not rely on ionization of the API and the counter-ion to make a solid. Instead, both components utilize prominent intermolecular interactions, such as hydrogen bonding, to combine and yield a uniform crystalline material.

A recent development in the field has not only seen co-crystallization as an alternative to salt studies, but has also seen its combination with salts to yield co-crystals of salts. Elegant examples of this have been observed in our labs and have allowed us to stabilize previously unstable salt forms and provide further IP protection.

At Pii, we are at the forefront of co-crystal screening. Our unique co-crystallization platform follows on from extensive internal research and incorporates a combination of high-through-put grinding, slurrying, evaporation and sonication techniques. In addition to screening, we provide extensive solid form analysis aimed at selecting the most developable pharmaceutical co-crystal. Our services also include advice on scale-up work and IP issues.

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