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Spray Drying

An established and proven processing technology in the pharmaceutical industry, spray-drying has been shown to improve bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds. By co-precipitating API with a polymer in a stable amorphous solid dispersion, spray-drying improves dissolution rates and enhances the bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds. Additionally, for high dose drugs, spray-drying can improve drug loading and reduce tablet size by improving compression properties of resulting powders.

Spray-Drying Benefits

  • Enhanced bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds
  • Physically stable drug form that enables processing of the dispersion into solid dosage forms
  • Improved therapeutic efficacy, safety, tolerability and/or patient compliance
  • Achieve higher drug loading

Spray-Drying Advantages

A widely used processing technology, spray-drying offers a number of advantages over conventional multi-step processes and particle reduction technologies:

  • Creation of an amorphous solid dispersion
  • Fast and continuous process
  • Suitable for heat-sensitive products
  • Processing of aqueous and organic solvent systems
  • Predictable scale-up
  • Enabling taste masking or controlled release dosage forms

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