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Technical Briefs, Presentations and White Papers

Pii scientists continue the tradition of drug delivery innovation and expertise by publishing articles and presenting scientific posters in research journals and at industry events.

Pii Technical Briefs, Presentations and White Papers:

  • Industrial Perspective on Detection and Quantification of Amorphous Content – Amorphous content can directly affect the bioavailability and stability of both APIs and excipients. Therefore it is a factor that must be controlled and quantified in pharmaceutical applications, especially for inhalation products. Many techniques can be used to detect and quantify amorphous content including XRPD, DSC, INC, SolCal, Raman (Mapping), GVS, ss-NMR. The choice of the best technique to use is often material specific i.e. the magnitude of the measured response for each technique varies between materials.
  • Formulation Development of Poorly Soluble Compounds Poorly Soluble Compounds – Poor aqueous solubility represents a major hurdle in achieving adequate oral bioavailability for a large percentage of drug compounds in drug development nowadays. Techniques such as the reduction of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) particle size down and lipid based drug delivery  can lead to a significant increase in the dissolution rate of the API, which in turn can lead to substantial increases in bioavailability. This review describes the principles behind behind nanosizing ad other drug delivery technologies to improve bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds.
  • Poorly soluble drugs: Rational strategy for solid form screening and formulation development – Poor solubility is an ongoing development challenge. Designing  efficient drug delivery systems for poorly soluble compounds is not a one size fits  all approach. When  selecting the right solubilization technology, a number of important factors  need to be considered. To be successful, it is important to  tailor  the development process to the specific characteristics of the API.


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